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Lift3 has developed the most comprehensive Coaching Program possible, to take away the roadblocks stopping you from achieving your goals.

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Our Small Group Coaching Program

  • Train with a Coach everytime you train

    At Lift3 you're never alone, our Small Group Coaching model means that you get to choose from over 60 sessions every week, with groups restricted to max 4 participants you will get just as much attention as you would in a one on one.

  • 24/7 Facility Access

    We have the most advanced Coaching and Rehab facility on the Central Coast. Whether you are on day 1 of your journey or day 1000 we are fully equipped to support you

  • Nutrition Support

    Through our partnership with SportPlus Performance, one of the best nutrition organisations in the country, you get a monthly consult to help support your training for best outcomes.

  • Fully Individualised Programming

    You're an individual with individual goals, so your training program should reflect that too. We build your program from the ground up to make sure there is nothing but results coming your way.

  • Regular indepth testing

    What gets measured, gets managed. We've invested heavily in the best testing equipment available so that we can get objective data, keeping you, and us accountable to results.

  • Weekly Recovery Session

    Recovery is as important as training, so we've invested in state of the art Normatec Recovery Boots to help improve your recovery.