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Meet Fiona

As a teacher and a mum, Fi’s time can be really limited, but she always ensures that gym is a priority in her world and makes the time to show up and get the job done. We have worked together to build strong foundations to ensure Fi is able to move better, and make the strength gains she wants to see.

Meet troy

Coming to Lift3 has become a family affair for Troy.
A stay at home dad, he has gone through our rehab program and found a love and motivation for being fit, healthy and strong.
Now, Troy can keep up with the kids and can even do a bit of running. Congrats on your progress Troy, we hope to see you in the gym for years to come!

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Are you ready for a strong life?

One where you feel confident

Where you can take on any opportunities

Where you can use the gym to enhance your life outside it

Where you know how to fuel yourself for health and longevity

Where you can spend more time doing the things you want with the people you want to do them with

We want to leave the world a stronger and healthier place, for this generation and the next.To achieve this we’ve created a one of it’s kind coaching system that gives you everything you need to get sustainable results that lasts a lifetime

We educate you so you can make better choices both in the gym and with the groceries and take all the guesswork out of the process.

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OUR Clients




Hannah is a shining light in the gym and we love having her come in for her training sessions multiple times a week.
She has really made the most out of what we have to offer, working with our coaches, nutritionist and physiotherapist to not only gain strength but also lose 6 kilos in her first 12 weeks as one of our clients.

Meet Ben

Ben is a dad with a love of basketball. First, Ben went  through his Rehab Program to get him back on the court and now he has come back from injury and persistent niggles can be a challenge, but with the combined team at Lift3 Ben is on the court and crushing it.

Meet Holly

Good personal training isn’t just about getting sweaty, it’s about creating long lasting and holistic change.At Lift3 Holly gets to work with a team of expert coaches, Nutritionist and Physio to create massive change.
Stronger, healthier and more confident, we’re transforming traditional personal training


Premium Personal Coaching

Everything you need in one place plus 2x1:1 sessions per week
  • 2 x 1:1 Coaching sessions per week
  • Unlimited Small Group Coaching Sessions ($1,800 value)
  • Personalised Programming ($480 value)
  • Regular Performance Testing and Tracking ($600 value)
  • 1 x Nutritional Consult per Month ($360 value)
  • 24/7 Gym Access ($444 value)
  • Weekly Normatec Compression Boots Sessions ($360 value)
  • 12 Week Guarantee on Progress ($ Priceless)
  • Access to discounted Physiotherapy



Recovery services

Normatec Recovery Boots & 
Physiotherapy On-Site

Personalized Programming

A Program tailored to your specific goals

24/7 gym access

Train in our World Class Facilities according to your schedule

elite level coaches

Trusted and Educated Coaches

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One Free Consult a Month with one of Australia’s Top Nutritionists