Why choose Lift3?

Carlie Hasell – Head Coach/Owner

“I used to be strong”
“I used to be healthy”
“I could do that before my injury”
These are statements I hear all the time. Whether it’s busy parents sacrificing themselves for their children. Or athletes not performing at their best
But then when I ask about what they are doing to improve themselves we hear;
“I don’t have time”
“I’m following the same program as I did last year”
“I’m trying (insert random class training franchise)”
But yet they still don’t feel strong, healthy or bulletproof. In fact a lot of the time they feel worse and without hope
Their general feeling is that their best is behind them and it’s only going to get worse.
To be fair the fitness industry doesn’t do much to give hope.
Inexperienced trainers, generic group classes, random workouts on whatever equipment is free
You might have felt some of this.
I know I did
And that’s why I started Lift3, to shift the paradigm and to show you the best is yet to come.
Lift3 is based around you.
You are unique, one of a kind.
We’re not here to fit you into a program, but to build a program around you.
To set you up for success we work with you to create achievable objectives.
Then we build a foundation of strength and stability.
Based off years of experience in proven training methods.
In a facility like no other. Giving you 24 hour access to world class equipment and with the best coaching staff on the coast.
This is not a normal gym or ordinary results
This is Lift3

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