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The Lift3 Sports Triage Clinic is a free service for Athletes on the Central Coast who are looking to get potential injuries from weekend games seen to quickly in order to get their rehab started as soon as possible. It is also a space where Athletes can seek advice on how to utilise their insurance. Contact us to see if any subsidies are accepted. 


Who can attend the Sports Triage Clinic?

Lift3’s Sports Triage Clinic is for anyone playing with a registered Sports Team on the Central Coast.

How long do consults go for?

Living on the Coast, we understand that it is often hard to get an appointment with a GP or Physiotherapist with short notice, which makes it tricky when you sustain an injury on game day. The primary goal of our Triage Service is to assess and assist with diagnosis and make recommendations. For this reason, these consultations only run for 10 minutes. For further treatment and assessment, we do offer 60 minute consultations as well as our Rehab Program, which you are able to book via this link. 

How much does it cost?

The Lift3 Sports Triage Clinic is a free service. If you are looking for Physiotherapy services after your initial consult in our Clinic, we have our regular 60 minute consultations available throughout the week as well as our Lift3 Rehab Program.

Do I need an appointment?

While appointments are encouraged, walk-in appointments are also welcomed. In order to avoid potential wait times, we do advise to book an appointment. 

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