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Looking after our health often falls down the priority list. Especially if you have family or a busy work/study schedule. 

Unfortunately health only reveals it’s true value once it’s lost due to health or injury.

At Lift3 we’re working to give our humans healthier lives filled with opportunity and time doing the things they love.

The Individual

It all starts with you, the individual. We seek to understand your lifestyle, your stressors, you training and injury history and most importantly, your goals.
We then build an individualised program specifically for you to follow

The Coaching

You have the opportunity to be coached through your program everytime you train. With a schedule of over 60+ sessions per week, starting at 5am and with the last session at 7pm there are times to suit everybody. We limit our coaching sessions to 4 clients to give each client the attention they need

The Testing

To understand in more detail your current strengths, weaknesses and imbalances we use our state of the art testing equipment to give us objective measurements. We then regularly retest you to track your progress and give the coaches better data to make better decisions for you.

The Nutrition

You can't out train a poor diet and most PT's can only give basic guidance when it comes to nutrition. That's why we work with you each month on building better nutrition habits and get you to your goals.

The Recovery

Life can be hectic and you need time to destress and give your body a chance to recover and grow. Each week you will get a 30 minute session in our Normatec Recovery Compression boots where you can sit, relax and enjoy some Kayo or Netflix in our recovery lounge.

The Facility

This isn't a normal gym. We've equipped the facility with each unique clients requirements in mind. Our coaching and physio team have an abundance of choices available to keep you moving towards your goals. With specialty equipment from across the planet there is plenty of opportunity for variety.

personal training re-imagined

The Lift3 Model

We’ve built a Personal Training system at Lift3 that is truely unique. 

Going beyond the limitations of Personal Training and bringing in the community support of Group Fitness to take away all the roadblocks stopping you from achieving incredible, life changing results.

We combine a team of professional coaches, nutritionist and Physios to focus on you, the individual and build a plan to help you in a long term and sustainable manner.

If you’re ready for change, now is the time, there has never been a more complete coaching system than this.


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When you surpass goals that you thought you'd never achieve and then see your kids acting out your lifts because you are their hero of the moment ... best feeling in the world. I've achieved so much under their guidance

Michael D

Coaching Client

Add in physio and nutrition and there is no where else that's going to help you reach your strength goals faster or with more long-term sustainability.

Bec M

Coaching Client

I’m so glad I’ve joined Lift3. All the coaches are supportive and able to keep track of your program through a dedicated training app that records your workout details and allows you to track your progress. I feel welcome every time I walk through the door and my kids are welcome if they have to come with me too

Ciara F

Coaching Client

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