For athletes who want to dominate the competition

We create strong, confident and injury resistant athletes

Who we've worked with

Our coaches have a wealth of experience and have worked both directly and indirectly with a range of sports and teams

Every athlete wants to be a winner

and the key to being a winner is confidence.

Confidence that you are prepared

Confidence that you can go faster, harder and longer than your competitors

Doubt Is The Enemy
Doubt will eat away at your confidence and take away your competitive edge.

It will destroy your potential

So How To Create Winning Confidence?

For most athletes this is a challenge, most sporting teams have little to no S&C coaching assistance.

So where to look?

At generic high intensity interval training? High Injury rate and Exhaustion isn’t going to help your season!

Boot Camps? How does that relate to my sport?

That friendly Personal Trainer at the gym? With a six week online cert in fitness, how are they going to deal with the complicated demands of in and out of season athletes?

See why they are lacking confidence?

But Not You

You are here, reading this and that means something.

It means that you don’t want to participate, you want to dominate.

You understand that you need to be assessed and coached as an individual.

With a training program that promotes resilience to injury, builds strength and endurance

All this creating unstoppable confidence

This is why we created the Lift3 Athletic Performance Program

The Lift3 Athletic Performance Program

  • 1. Define Goals
  • 2. Schedule Success
  • 3. Engine Building
  • 4. Championship Habits
  • 5. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

This is about you. So without first stopping to understand you there is no point. We go into depth with your sporting history, injuries, training history. We also perform movement and performance assessments to identify improvement areas

Understanding you will let us work the best course of action. You need enough work to make progress but not so much that you don’t recover and can’t perform at practice. It’s a balancing act and we’re very good at it.

Through assessing your movement patterns and history we’ll build a program around you. We want you to feel unbreakable. You need a stable base that everything can be built off. We’ll push your strength to new heights and make sure your conditioning is the best its ever been.

Without optimising your nutrition and recovery, all the hard work in the gym will be wasted. We work you with you to educate you for choices that will lead to victory and create unshakable confidence

The results on the field will show the progress, but we’ll also do regular testing ourselves to make sure no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of excellence. We invest you as much as you invest in us and we are there every step of the way

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