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By joining Lift3, athletes gain access to a program that understands their unique needs, supports their goals, and helps them excel in their sport with unwavering confidence.

  • Integrated Coaching and Physiotherapy support

    Our team of university qualified Exercise Scientists will leave no stone unturned in getting you to the top. Should the worst case scenario happen we have experienced Physiotherapists in house that will work alongside your coach to get you back to play asap

  • 1,000m2 Strength and Rehab Facility

    Our facility was designed around coaching and making sure that you have all the equipment needed for all areas of training

  • More time with your coach

    Through our APP Small Group system we have found a way to make coaching facetime affordable, You now have the opportunity to have a coach with you every time you train.

  • Advanced Testing Protocols

    We've invested in state of the art testing equipment normally reserved for elite sporting teams so you can be rest assured we're getting the best data available to make better decisions on your training and rehabilitation

What sports can you help with?

We can help any athlete across all sports including field, track, court and pool based. Our coaches will focus on the requirements of your sport to ensure we are getting you as ready as possible

Why so much focus on testing?

What gets measured gets managed.

With out testing regularly we’d be working of subjective data to make decisions. With our testing protocols we can get objective data and identify injury risks before they occur.

What does the APP Small group setting look like?

Our small groups are limited to 4 athletes at once. We’ve done this so that you will get as much attention as you need during the sessions but will also be amongst other athletes to build a supportive environment

I've got an extensive injury history can you still work with me?

Our coaches are well skilled in working with injuries and niggles as well as working alongside our Physio team in the rehab program. No matter the history, we should be able to do something for you.

Does it matter whether I'm in season or not?

Because our coaching is based around you, your program will be designed for the present requirements no matter whether you’re in off season, pre season or in season.

Athletic performance program


Unlock Your Winning Confidence with Lift3 Athletic Performance Program.

Confidence is the secret ingredient to winning. It’s the assurance that you’re prepared, capable, and ready to outperform your competition. Doubt is the enemy that robs you of your edge and potential.

That’s why we created the Lift3 Athletic Performance Program. Unlike generic training methods or uncertified trainers, our program is designed to empower athletes like you to excel in your sport with unwavering confidence.

With Lift3, you won’t settle for participation—you’ll dominate. We provide personalized assessments and coaching tailored to your individual needs. Our expert coaches will develop a customized training plan that enhances your performance, builds strength and endurance, and prevents injuries.

You deserve a program that understands the unique demands of your sport and helps you reach your full potential. Join Lift3 Athletic Performance Program and experience the difference firsthand.

Unleash your true potential and become the champion you’re meant to be. Take the first step towards winning with Lift3 today.

The Lift3 Athletic Performance Program

You bring the skills, we'll handle the rest

Initial Consult (No Sweat)

We meet with you to understand what you'd like to achieve and make sure we're a right fit for you. We'll also show you around the facility so that you're confident in what you are getting into.

Onboarding Week

Week 1 is about setting a baseline and future goals.

You will have two one on one sessions with your coach who will be overseeing your program and schedule.

In session 1, the coach will seek to understand your sports calendar, training and injury history and your goals.

In session 2 you will be put through rigorous performance testing to understand your strengths and weaknesses


Book into as many APP Small group sessions as you need to alongside other athletes with a coach or train at other times that suits you all on an individualised program for your goals.

Regular Performance Testing

Lift3 has invested heavily in world class testing equipment from Vald Performance. We leverage this at regular intervals to keep track of your progress, watch for imbalances and injury risks and make sure we're getting you amazing outcomes.

Normatec Recovery Sessions

As part of the APP you will get access to our state of the art Normatec Recovery Compression boots. Designed to flush and enhance recovery, these are a must for all serious athletes

Quarterly Reviews

Every quarter you will catch up with your coach to discuss how training is going, make sure you're both aligned on the direction you want to go and discuss the progress made.

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