Making the world a stronger place for the next generation

We create everyday superheroes who know their best is yet to come

TRain as the individual you are

Your goals are unique just like you.

Everyday we see parents and athletes coming to us to turn their lives around and the common problems they face are

- Finding time to train
- Spinning their wheels in group fitness
- Stuck in a cycle of weight loss and gain in "12 week challenges"
- Struggling with injuries and niggles with no end in sight

This why we created Lift3 to break away from the status quo and train people to their individual goals with a focus on long term sustainable results

We believe that when we bring elite coaches together with world class equipment to train our members then exceptional results occur.

Coaching Services

Coaching based around your goals using the proven Lift3 Performance System to achieve results

Being a parent is hard, we know, we are parents too. The opportunity is here though to become a superhero in your childrens eyes. Show them the way forwards.

We help build bulletproof athletes who are able to walk onto the pitch full of confidence that they are physically prepared

Good habits start young. Our term based Youth Development Program is designed to build strength and stability to create robust young athletes

performance testing

It's hard to gauge where you are currently performing. Our performance testing is designed to give you a full report on your strengths and weaknesses.

The Lift3 Gym

A space strategically designed to allow you and the coaches the ability to put the work in regardless of niggles and injuries

Strength Training

With over 6,000kg of plates and dumbells, plus over 20 different types of bars there is always a new challenge.


It's not all barbells, we have a 40 metre track with a wide range of carry, push and drag implements plus Rower, Assault Bike and Ski Erg to keep your heart rate up


We've searched the entire planet to find all kinds of equipment to keep you moving forwards. Whether it's shoulders, back, hips, knees or ankles we have different ways of creating load to help you stay on top of your health

Proven Results

We guarantee to get you results that are sustainable and long term so you can be a role model for the next generation

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Coaching services


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