Attn: Mums, Dads and Athletes of the Central Coast

How to Transform Your Life and Achieve Levels of Performance You Thought Was Reserved For Elite Full-Time Athletes

Without Spending Your Whole Life at the Gym

From Carlie Hasell - Head Coach and Founder.

What would it mean for you to have health that enhances your life?

Would it give you more opportunity?

More time and activities with your friends and family?

Would you be able to seize every day and make the most of it?

Would you have more energy for your passions?

Would it make you a better leader in every area of your life?

We understand how hard life can feel when your health is holding you back.

After having our children I went through the same struggle. I was unhappy with my body and had no energy, everyday was hard.

After making changes and learning the hard way, I took back my health and regained life.

Now it is our mission to help humans on the central coast find new levels of health and performance.

At Lift3 we put the human at the forefront of everything we do.

We program training based on your individual history and goals. (without having to spend days of your life at the gym)

We give you sustainable nutritional advice to support your goals (no fad diets here)

We teach you how to execute movement (so you can feel confident everytime you go to the gym for the rest of your life)

We constantly test and assess (to track and ensure progress)

My promise to you, we will always do everything in your best interest to get you the outcome you dream off.

The value our humans receive is priceless.

We’re on a mission to leave the world a stronger and healthier place

Bringing exceptional Coaching and Physiotherapy into a single facility.

We’ve created an environment that is welcoming, supportive and focused on helping you. 

I look forward to seeing you here soon.

The Lift3 Difference

The team

We have an experienced and diverse team so that you can get the help you need which means you'll be looked after as the individual you are

The Gym

We've created a 1,000m2 custom designed training and rehab facility with 24/7 access. So you can train whenever you need and around any issue. This means you won't have any reasons to ever stop making progress


Coaching services to cater for all levels of client, from the complete beginner up to an elite level athlete which means you will always be looked after according to where you are today and into the future


We've brought Physiotherapy in house so you can have everything you need in one place. With a team of professionals working together you can be assured your long term health and wellbeing is prioritised at all times

Proven Results

We guarantee to get you results that are sustainable and long term so you can be a role model for the next generation

Coaching Services

Coaching based around your goals using the proven Lift3 Performance System to achieve results

Being a parent is hard, we know, we are parents too. The opportunity is here though to become a superhero in your childrens eyes. Show them the way forwards.

We help build bulletproof athletes who are able to walk onto the pitch full of confidence that they are physically prepared

Good habits start young. Our term based Youth Development Program is designed to build strength and stability to create robust young athletes

We're here to get results, and results we get. We've had some amazing people come through the doors at Lift3 and are forever grateful to be part of their journeys

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