Client Spotlight Heather

Huge congrats to long time client Heather for her win at the IFBB nationals On October 22nd!
Heather took bronze in Novice category B.
Coach Carlie has been working with Heather since the start of the year, from looking at her dexa scan results (March till November.)
Heather has put on 4.2kgs of muscle and lost 8.9kgs of body fat.
Heather’s dedication and trust in the process around her training, cardio, posing and diet has been amazing.
We started prep in January with a maintenance diet phase whilst maximizing her nutrient intake via whole foods and lean proteins.
We then spent time in a small surplus before going back to maintenance to solidify the gains that had been made. We then strategically implemented a deficit as we got closer to comp.
We matched training to the diet phases and worked on optimizing execution of the exercises she was performing.
Post comp has seen an increase in calories, getting back to maintenance before we begin a build phase post Christmas getting ready for season B next year.
We’re just getting started!

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