carlie hasell - head coach/owner

My fitness journey began after I had my kids and I was walking around with an extra 25 kilos on my 5 foot frame. Not only did my outward appearance upset me as I didn’t recognise the person I saw in the mirror, everything hurt. My knees and back were so fatigued from daily life and my mental health was taking a beating.

Something had to change!

I started working out with a single kettlebell in my bedroom because honestly, I didn’t feel worthy of going to a gym. My self esteem wouldn’t have handled a sideways glance. Over the next 6 months of dedicated exercise and thoughtful eating I re-shaped my body and my mind. I got my confidence back and joined a gym. It was then that I realised that no-one else actually gives a toss what you’re doing, they’re more concerned with themselves and their program/physique/form. However this is my story and that’s how it started.

I fell in love with my post kids body and how it could move, how strong it was and how healthy it had become. I fell in love with powerlifting and Olympic lifting. From the kid at school who hated sports to someone who craves strength sports. For me it’s not so much the aesthetic but how my body performs.

My mission is to make fitness as approachable as possible for everyone. For you to feel welcome to train no matter your goals. We want to help you have the outcome you had only dreamed of.

Amy Roberts- Coach

I was never a ridiculously active kid, but I often had some sort of sport happening.
It started with karate, ended with dancing, and had a little bit of netball in between. Besides that, I enjoyed a good walk, but not much else involving physical activity. Come my senior year of high school, I decided I wanted to step up my game; I wanted to become stronger, fitter, and healthier. So Mum signed me up to the gym, and between the aerobics classes and the pin loaded machines, I was hooked.
From my love of training, formed the passion to share that love with others, and surround myself with like minded people who could not only learn from me, but who I could learn from too.
In 2019 I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sports Science, and a desire to enter the high performance field. After interning the previous season, I was appointed as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Newcastle Knights Tarsha Gale Squad for the 2019/2020 season. This was a valuable and insightful opportunity, that strengthened my passion for youth development and female athletic development.
As I’ve grown, I’ve learnt there is so much more to health and high performance beyond just training and game days. I work with all my clients holistically to build lifestyles that create healthy and strong humans.
My goal as a coach is to educate my clients, and empower them to become self-sufficient athletes

Mike Davis - Coach

I have been involved with contact sports my whole life first as an athlete was involved in American football, powerlifting and wrestling, which then transferred into coaching.

My love for strength and power led me into strength and conditioning coaching and fuels my passion for making athletes bigger, stronger and faster and being able to perform better on the field, and in life.

Matt tyson - Coach

As a kid I always wanted to be an athlete. This lead me to want to learn how to become bigger, stronger and faster.

After realising that I was average at being an athlete , but loving being apart of a team. I turned my attention to strength and conditioning and athletic development.

Now, instead of wanting to improve myself, my purpose is to apply what I know to help people to achieve their goals, whether that be becoming a better athlete, reaching a high level in sports or improve their everyday life.

I have been a Personal Trainer for 4 years and a Strength and Conditioning coach for 2 and a half.

My favorite thing about coaching is the relationships you can build with people and all the laughs along the way.

Start your journey today