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If you’re wondering whether Lift3 Small Group Personal Training could be the right fit for you…

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There’s no better way to try us out than with our Launch Program

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Total Value - $1,176

Normal Price - $405

Launch Program Price - $199



Why Choose Lift3 Small Group Personal Training?

At Lift3 we know that the more specific the goal, the more specific the help to achieve them is required.

Trying to look after our health around all of life commitments such as work, family, school and friends is really hard to balance.

Small Group Personal Training is our evolution of one-on-one personal training, Unlike traditional personal training that costs upwards of $80 per hour, Lift3 makes personal training affordable from as low as $45 per session.

You also don’t need to be locked into one trainer’s limited schedule, AND you can train more frequently with our coaches to get better and faster results. It's all about getting long term and sustainable results no matter the goal.

What You Get

Week 1

Session 1

  • A one on one session to understand everythinng about you, your training history, past or present injuries and other lifestyle factors we need to be aware of.

Session 2

  • We conduct your initial testing utilising our state of the art human assessment technology from VALD Performance. We’ll assess your overall strength as well as test for imbalances that may need to be addressed. 

Session 3

  • You will meet your primary coach who is responsible for your program, they will take you through the systems we use along with a movement assessment to get you started in the gym
Week 2

Coaching Sessions

  • In your second week it’s time to kick up a gear into your training sessions, your coach will have helped you book into the sessions that work for you with times available from 5 am – 7 pm.

    You will train with our coaching team between 2-5 sessions with guidance on your program

Recovery Sessions

  • Take some time for yourself to relax with 30 minute compression boot sessions in our recovery lounge.

    You can chill on your phone or watch Kayo, Netflix or Disney Plus on our massive TV, all while the boots compress and release on your legs, promoting blood flow and recovery

Nutrition Consult

  • Sit down with our Nutrition Specialist to discuss what you are currently doing for your nutrition and be guided with a habits based approach to healthy eating that will fuel you for success
Week 3

Coaching Sessions

  • In your final week of the Launch Program you’ll be starting to feel more and more confident in the gym with our coaches guidance

Recovery Sessions

  • With all the training your doing you may be feeling extra sore, use our recovery boots again to help relieve the soreness and get ready for your week

Final Consult

  • In your last week we’ll catch up to see how you’ve gone, we’ll invite you to carry on into our normal small group coaching program or wish you the best on your journey.

Ready to get stronger and fitter than you could imagine?

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