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In any professional sporting organisation or code, you will find a high performance unit whose role is to get every last drop of potential out of their athletes.

Most high performance units are made up of three core areas

  •  Sports Science. In this area data is collected, analysed and then interpreted to enable the other coaching teams to make better decisions for each athlete
  • Strength & Conditioning. Athletes need to train beyond just playing their sport to gain every physical advantage available. S&C will push athletes to increase their performance and decrease injury risk where possible, making athletes more available.
  • Physiotherapy/Rehab. Unfortunately, due to the nature of competitive sport, injuries can and do happen. The rehab team’s job is to rebuild the injured athlete and getting them back to peak performance asap.
Lift3 has strategically incorparated all of these areas into our business which makes us a partner of choice for organisations seeking to give their athletes the competitive advantage.

With options like testing days, wet weather sessions, game day physio support and more available a custom package can be delivered to support your organisation.

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