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Performance testing

Being an athlete and knowing how to train for better performance is really hard. 

Do you train for more strength? More endurance? More explosiveness?

All are important but without knowing where you stand it’s really shooting in the dark.

At Lift3 our Expert Sport Scientists have created our extensive Performance Testing battery to take out all the guess work.
We identify your strengths and your weaknesses. This gives our coaches and you the information needed to reduce weaknesses, capitalise on strengths and reduce injury risk.

If you want to get the competitive edge then Performance Testing is a must.

who should do performance testing?

What do we test?

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Vald Performance

When it comes to testing having objective data is critical to ensure the replication of results and consistency of data.
The coach’s eye is still important but gets enhanced when combined with good data.
To achieve this we have partnered with Vald Performance, the global leader in objective performance and health testing technology.

With their Force Decks, Force Frame, Nordboard and Smart Speed timing gates we are able to track progress and understand exactly what’s going on.

No more guessing, just good, clean and accurate data.

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Performance Testing



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