Personal Training for Mums

What do you do if you want to exercise, lose weight, get fit and healthy but you’re low on time and have an injury to take into account?
Most people would say, they just wouldn’t do it, adding exercise into the mix is just too much.
It isn’t easy juggling life AND the gym on top. That’s why you go to a gym that suits YOUR needs.
Rochelle has been coming to Lift3 for a while now. She’s a busy mum and her back gives her grief, however, with unlimited small group personal training sessions and over 60 sessions to choose from, she can make her health journey fit into HER schedule and not the other way around. With guidance from our coaches she is also able to continue strengthening her back even on days where it’s not feeling the best.
You’ll often see Rochelle with one of the trainers and one of her kids not too far away. We are so proud of Rochelle, she is a hard worker and we love having her and her family in the gym 💪

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