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The Lift3 youth development program

your formative years are crucial

Being a teenager is hard work

You’ve got the pressure of school and your social life

And if you’re reading this then you probably have a sporting life too.

These years will make or break you.

We all know athletes who succumbed to injuries and had to turn their back on sport

But we also know talented young athletes who seemed to just keep going

What’s the secret?

We believe that if you looked into those athletes lives you would notice something about their training away from their sport.

It wasn’t endless running

Or bodybuilding with mates

Or generic group fitness

It was targeted Skill and Strength based training

This means developing the skills all top level athletes have

Being able to move well, with rapid acceleration and controlled deceleration

Changing direction at will with absolute confidence

Being strong through all planes of movement in both the upper and lower body

But here’s the other challenge

If you’re like most teenage athletes, you’re probably at training a few times a week with games on weekends

Along with school sports on top of all this.

Time is precious


This is why the experienced team at Lift3 have developed our Youth Development Program

Two hours a week is all we ask

With targeted training to build your motor skills and strength

Carefully managed around your seasonal cycle.

This is what you’ve been waiting for

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