We create strong and dependable father figures

For Dads who want to lead and set the example for the next generation


It’s possible the dad bod sneaked up on you

With the spare tyre round the middle building

Maybe you’ve picked up some injuries or niggles along the way

You’re probably finding keeping up with the kids is getting harder

Maybe you’ve tried going back to the gym but you don’t move or recover like you used to Maybe you feel like your best days are behind you?

We get it, we’ve felt it and it sucks

Maybe there is a better way?

In fact. We know there is a better way.

You have the ability to move and be stronger now than you ever were

and we can help you get there

Before we tell you what the answer is, let us tell you what it isn’t

It isn’t doing ever changing random “wods”

It isn’t going for a run round the block on a weekend.

It isn’t trying to remember workouts from your high school days

It certainly isn’t trying complex movements that the 20 year old instructor makes looks easy

Or any of one of the other crazy things that are out there!

So let’s paint a picture

It’s you in six months time

Feeling strong

and capable

with a knowledge of how just how much you can actually do

it’s you playing with the kids for hours

it’s you competing with your kids

and being the role model you always wanted to be

So How Do We Get You There?

Well it’s simple really, we follow a tried and test process, with evidence backed training in a supportive enviroment surrounded by people who want you to succeed as much as they do.

We call it

The Lift3 parental Performance Program

This is about you. So without first stopping to understand you there is no point. We will seek to understand your situation and the challenges you face and finally the goals you want to achieve

First we have to create the schedule for your program, we want to set you up for success not failure. We’re not asking for days a week we believe in a program to fit your availabilities and can even help you achieve your goals from as little as 3 hours per week. Being a parent is hard and looking after yourself shouldn’t add to it.

We have to create a solid base to build off before you can add the decorations. Our programming is based around giving you a foundation of strength in the major movements while also constantly adjusting to identify weak spots in your movement and fixing them. The more we can build this, the better you are going to feel

Your time in the gym is only a small part of your life and you can’t out train a bad diet. We work with you and assess the feedback data to educate you on good nutritional choices, habit building and recovery strategies. We want to help you understand the choices that lead to success and how we operate so that in the future you may not need us, but you will hang around anyway for the community.

Working in the dark where no one can see you builds character, but you also need time to shine. We run regular strength sport (powerlifting, olympic lifting, strongman) competitions which give you not only an opportunity to see the results of the hard work you’ve put in, but also let’s you show your family just how badass you can be.

Proven Results

We guarantee to get you results that are sustainable and long term so you can be a role model for the next generation

Since starting at Lift3 I've gained Consistency , self confidence and the ability to look at the bigger picture and not the immediate results.

I'd tell anyone considering making a change in their life; don't find spare time make time and not excuses and you won't regret it

— Nathan S

Lift3 Coaching Client

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